The Curio App – Enhance your visitor’s experience

The Curio App   –   Enhance your visitor experience

Curio is the app designed to enhance your displays and exhibits.

Make your customer’s visits more accessible and enjoyable.

Why have we made Curio

Why have we made Curio

As regular and enthusiastic visitors to a range of exhibit based attractions, we were always eager to learn about the items on display by reading their information labels.

We found that, no matter which venues we visited, the same problems arose, namely the displayed exhibit information was rarely easy to read comfortably.

This would be for a variety of reasons:

    • Labels are often placed low down to accomodate children and disabled visitors (and rightly so)
    • Exhibits and their information may be set far back in the display
    • Font size and labels may be very small, where space is limited and item descriptions are extensive
    • Displays with light sensitive exhibits have low lighting and hence poorly lit information
    • Crowds around popular exhibits can make accessing the descriptions difficult

All this is perfectly understandable due to the huge variety of displays and environments.

So, as good and dedicated developers, we came up with a solution.

Continue down the page for an overview of how our exciting new Curio App can enhance the visiting experience for your customers….

easy to use layout

How It Works

How It Works

Make your exhibit display descriptions easily accessible by adding a highly visible text or QR code.

Your visitors download the freely available Curio App, taylored to your organisation, on their phone or tablet.

Visitors tap in or scan the code adjacent to the exhibit of interest, and the display description is immediately presented on their device.

To further engage your visitor with the exhibit.

  • include captioned images
  • include captioned audio clips
  • link your Youtube videos
  • ‘be an explorer’ treasure hunt game
  • display your amazing interactive 3D Models
  • ‘be an explorer’ treasure hunt game
  • include optional detailed object text
  • multi-language translations

Not only that, but for maximum accessibility, the Curio App allows your visitor to alter the text size, toggle the contrast for improved readabilty, and can even read the display description aloud.

The Curio App is designed for maximum ease of use, with a clear and unfussy interface and with all the accessibility functions available through a single screen tap.

type or scan an exhibit code

Who should use Curio

Who should use Curio

Does your organisation have multiple exhibits on display and wish to build a stronger visitor experience ?

You might be a museum, a gallery, a zoo, a public garden, an aquarium, the list goes on and on…

Would it enhance your visitor’s experience by giving quick and easy access to information about your Exhibits and Displays ?

Do you want to display captioned image, audio and video content ? NEW display your 3D Interactive Models.

How about including a treasure hunt style game to intrigue your younger audience ?

Are visual and audio accessibility features important to your venue ?

Yes ? Then the Curio App is for you.

accessibility options

More great features

More great Curio features

Be An Explorer

The ‘Be An Explorer’ game is designed to keep your younger audience engaged with your venue.

This treasure hunt style game presents your guest with a starting clue.

Scanning the correct object reveals the next clue, eventually leading to the final ‘prize’ (maybe a treat in your cafe ?)

The number and complexity of the clues are entirely up to you.

be an explorer

NEW – 3D Model presentation

3D Models of exhibits are becoming more and more popular, providing a detailed and fascinating interactive multi-dimensional view of objects

The new 3D Model feature lets you display your existing models within the Curio app, with built in interactivity, allowing the visitor to navigate around the exhibit by simply moving their finger over the model.

Display Cases

The ‘Display Case‘ feature allows you to group your objects under a single QR code.

Match your own object labels to the object links in a featured Display Case.

Scanning the code presents a screen containing links to each of the items.

display case feature

Object Detail

The Object Detail feature lets you add further textual information about an object.

Inform those visitors who might want to discover that bit extra about your exhibits, beyond the immediate display content.

object detail feature


The descriptions of your objects and image captions can be translated into common European languages at the touch of a button.

Greater accessibility means that the included text to speech button will even read aloud the text in it’s translated language.



Analytics included in your dedicated management interface, give you a range of important graphical and numerical reports, to assess your visitor numbers and viewing habits.

which are your top visitor attractions ?

are your most important exhibits getting the most attention ?

daily hit numbers can give you the big picture.

what are the busiest days and times ?

are your new visitor numbers improving ?

Try the App

Try the App – Curio: explore,learn,grow

The Curio App is designed for iPhones, iPads, Android Phones, Android Tablets. Feel free to try out the Curio App with some of our sample exhibits.

  • Tap the download icon or scan the QR code (below) with your device’s camera.
  • Select Curio Demonstration from the venue list when the app starts.

We have included some sample text and QR codes here to enable you to properly try out the app functions and discover how intuitive, easy to use and informative the Curio App can be for your visitors.

easy QR scan

feature images



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